Love, Live, & Family

It’s been long time not to post here. Nevertheless I’m blogging again.

Starting my new post in my new age. Yeah, it’s 23rd already!

Many wishes coming from those beloved ones. Those who always try to be there. The one who will never be forgotten. The family I love the most.

Quite bitter-sweet writing this post holding my tears down. Remind me with every single text sent to my phone in that birthday.

Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister those each of you who I sacrifice for.

I just can’t help wondering why I am not able to stop my tears down reading my brothers’ wish for me. I may not be the best elder brother for him, but I try everything to protect you. Not only you, but each of you.

I might not be lucky not to have birthday around family, but I guess, I’m lucky enough to have a very caress family. Thank you for this beautiful long-distance-birthday-surprise. Thank you those wishes. I love you all. :*


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